Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas es una empresa con más de 19 años de experiencia, especializada en transformación digital, gobierno de la nube, gestión de sistemas y productividad en la nube en escenarios heterogéneos y complejos.

The needs of our customers became in demand more and more demanding on the strategies of their IT services (business continuity, data availability, cost control, security, etc), so we created a set of solutions in the cloud Onboarding & Governance to respond quickly and with great impact in the Latin american market, designed to accompany the process of maturation of customers in the cloud.

We have a team of capable, pragmatic, flexible, and above all, very professional, ready to provide technological solutions that allow customers to increase their competitiveness. We are known for to accompany our customers at all times, from the detailed definition of their needs until the start-up and training to users, and we focus on ensuring and reflect on each of our activities, “We can do it together.”

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